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Wharf Constructions & Installations

All our wharves are built with Australian Hardwood from a managed hardwood plantation. This means that the timber installed is not taken from the national forests.

1. Brook & Byrne Waterfront Constructions use a high Stress Grade Hardwood in all our waterfront applications. Using a hardwood with a high Stress Grade results in a longer lasting structure where as a Lower Class hardwood with a Low Stress Grade will end in the timber being inferior and with less longevity in the marine environment. We also incorporate the use of Malthoid in our structures which results in less dry rot at the decking to girder connection.

2. Our decking is dressed with pencil rounds. This means that it has been shaped by a special dressing machine that gives it a sanded look and feel. The machine also puts rounded edges on the deck boards. We are the only Contractor that installs dressed deck. Timber that is not dressed is Rough Sawn. Rough Sawn deck has ridges and as the name suggests has a rough feel. Rough sawn timber has a poor visual quality but worst of all it puts splinters into your feet!

Standard Wharves features include:

  • All Our wharves are built by Bridge & Wharf Carpentry Tradesmen to Australian Standards.
  • Wharves are built to Waterways Authority Regulations.

Wharves samples:

  • Jetty & Stairs
  • Ramp & Pontoon
  • Jetty with Hand Rail
  • Long Jetty with Ramp & Pontoon.
  • Jetty, Ramp, Pontoon & Mooring Pen
  • Extra Large Pontoon

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