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Council approval

Brook & Byrne Waterfront Constructions currently has 45 clients with projects in various stages of approval.  Our Town Planner, Catherine Smythe has over 22 years’ experience with expertise in the field. 
Recently Brook & Byrne Waterfront Constructions gained approval of a 63 metre waterfront structure on the Georges River and 2 x 55 metre jetties & sea stairs on the Hawkesbury River. Sites which are significantly constrained and problem solving during the development assessment process with various Government Departments is our forte.

Waterfront Structures Approval

The process of approval depends on the area in which your property is located. There are two main categories; within Sydney Harbour and outside of Sydney Harbour. Recently Brook & Byrne Waterfront Constructions gained approval for structures up to 63 metres approved on the Georges River and 56 metres on the Hawkesbury River. Sites which are significantly constrained and problem solving during the development assessment process with various Government Departments is our forte. As well as undertaking the approval for new waterfront structures such as slipways, jetties, ramps, pontoons, skid ramps and boatsheds we also undertake licence transfers with Crown Lands and gain authorisation (via Building Certificates) for existing illegal structures. We also provide planning advice and undertake approvals for waterfront dwellings (new dwellings and site redevelopments including alterations and additions) to maximise your lifestyle and recreational use of the beautiful waterway right in your backyard. Call and book in your free on site consultation with our planner to get accurate answers and an honest evaluation of the development potential of your waterfront property.


council approval areas:

Areas outside of Sydney Harbour: Approval for waterfront structures or works below the Mean High Water Mark requires approval from four Government Agencies; being the Department of Primary Industries, NSW Maritime, Crown Lands and your local Council. Each approval body assesses your application in evaluation against different planning controls and objectives. Works above the Mean High Water Mark only require consent from your local Council. Brook & Byrne Waterfront Constructions has a passionate and driven full time planner that has turned this complicated and lengthy approval process into a fluent and streamed lined process and currently has over 45 clients with projects in various stages of approval in a variety of areas.

  • Georges River: The Georges River is host to five different local councils all of which work under different waterfront development policies. In short, this means that depending on where you live, although each government authority has their own requirements, ultimately your local Council will govern the type and overall design of waterfront structures. From Kogarah Council, Hurstville City Council, Bankstown City Council, Liverpool Council to Sutherland Shire Council, our planner will be able to advise you the development potential at your waterfront. Our planner has extensive experience with dealing with all of the Councils on the Georges River and has an excellent approval rating.
  • Port Hacking River: The Port Hacking River is within the Sutherland Shire Local Government Area. Council has a detailed Development Control Plan (DCP) regulating the design of watercraft facilities. Our planner has extensive experience with the application of this DCP in order to gain approval for difficult applications.
  • Pittwater: Pittwater Council controls the whole of the Pittwater Area with the Council having a waterfront development code that is based on a zoning scheme. All areas are zoned and therefore the type of structures which are permissible will depend on the zoning of your property. Our planner will advise you exactly what is permissible at your waterfront.
  • Hawkesbury River: The Hawkesbury River is a unique waterway which is under the jurisdiction of a various local Councils such as Gosford City Council and Hornsby Shire Council. The Hawkesbury River is also controlled by both the Maitland and Sydney division of Crown Lands and the process and requirements of gaining owner’s consent is very similar in both offices. Depending on which Local Government Area your property is located within, different Council controls and objectives will apply in the preparation of a Development Application. In areas where there is no formal road access there are opportunities to gain significantly lengthy structures to assist in access to your dwelling. Our planner has an excellent approval rating and has recently gained approval for two 56 metre jetties with sea stairs, docking bays, and boatsheds. Call and find out how we can improve access to your property and your enjoyment of this large river system.
  • Approvals outside the Sydney Metropolitan Region: Due to the growing complexity of the planning system affecting waterfront development in non metropolitan regions, more recently approvals have been undertaken in the Shoalhaven & Clyde Rivers, Bundaberg (QLD) and Brisbane Waters. 

Areas within Sydney Harbour & Tributaries: The main port of call with approvals on Sydney Harbour & her tributaries lies with the NSW Maritime Authority. While the NSW Maritime approval process appears confusing, consent can be achieved.

The entire land water interfaces of waterfront properties are zoned for specific types of structures which will govern what structures are permissible in your area. The process to approval on Sydney Harbour is subject to three stages which includes gaining owner’s consent (obtaining Permission to Lodge a Development Application), lodging a Development Application and applying for a Construction Certificate to commence the proposed works.

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